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Written by M. Shirazi (2017)


Three Steps to Getting Fit – You are Worth It!


Trying out several workout plans can be beneficial to your success in this fitness venture you have began. There are so many fitness celebrities, advocates, yogis, acrobats, weight trainers – that we often get confused as to what is the reality of it all. What will work for you out of so many options available? It can be truly a complicated process, choosing the right trainer, the right diet – it can actually become a stressor, which ultimately lends to more weight gain.


In this blog, Dynamix Fitness wants to show you several different options for those of you who are just starting out and are looking for the right type of diet and exercise routine.


To start, the primary technique for losing weight and getting toned is reducing your caloric intake and burning as many calories as possible at the gym (or in any other activity that you wish to do to burn these calories).


The next step is to combine weight training with cardio. This will mean that you will either be using a lot of crossfit exercises to looking to get into the toned body you are looking for, or you will be using weights at the gym, pumping iron on a weekly basis. Both of these steps are amazing and have their very own charm.


The last step is simple but the hardest one to do. You must stay committed. Even after the body is yours, you have to continue working out. This means that your purpose has to be more than just a body, it has to be about something personal. There has to be an underlying purpose for working out that will keep you motivated until after the body is toned, the weights are light and the cardio is easy.


Knowing that your health and wellness, spiritual, mental, physical and emotional are all due to your activity in the gym or at the tennis courts is essential to your success and for this venture to last a lifetime. If you are like me and so many of us out there, you are probably yoyoing a lot, going from big to small and back to big, just to find out that you need to get back to the gym so you can go back to being small again. But, this is the struggle we want to avoid moving forward.


We want to have a lifestyle that is prone to being active and eating healthy. We want to live a life that encourages these habits so that the body part is only secondary to the real issue which is your health and overall wellness.


Remember, we are here to help and we are glad to talk to you at any time to give you advice, motivate you or even just tell you that you are doing amazingly great!


Happy Training everyone!