workoutDynamix Fitness has a unique phase training program that will allow you to reach your goals safely and effectively.  The program was developed based on scientific research, to elevate your workout which will help to   transform your body.  The program will set you on the right direction and purpose towards better performance. 

Dynamix Fitness programming is designed to help you achieve your goals within a year’s time.  Your workouts will constantly change to maximize caloric expenditure, muscle growth and nervous system response.  As workouts evolve each client will see more improvement and attainment of their health and fitness goals.

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Dynamix Fitness Specialties:

Pre & Post Natal Fitness Training

Dynamix Fitness is Vaughan’s only in-home health and wellness company, which provides safe and effective pre & post natal personal training, abdominal rehabilitation and nutrition consulting.  Pregnancy involves many bodily changes and as much as you prepare yourself mentally, you also need the proper guidance and support for all the physiological changes in order to have a safe and healthy pregnancy.  Dynamix Fitness focuses on maintaining your strength and energy through appropriate exercises and proper nutrition.


Dynamix Fitness health professionals will help you to feel strong and optimistic about the days ahead.  We are committed to providing you with the utmost service that will help you manage the increased demands pregnancy can make on your body, as well as regain your postpartum health in a reasonable time frame.  At Dynamix Fitness we will show you how to set goals that are realistic and attainable.


Post Rehabilitation Conditioning

Dynamix Fitness offers safe and effective conditioning programs to clients with more than 30 medical conditions including diabetes; hypertension; lumbar disc herniation (back pain); osteoarthritis; shoulder impingement; total hip or total knee replacement and many others.