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Dynamix Fitness Client: Bimpe Ayeni

Location: Yonge and Eglinton

I hadn’t been to the gym in months, was prone to injury, and with an upcoming wedding, I wasn’t sure where to start. My schedule is unpredictable so I needed a flexible but consistent plan.   I got in touch with Lisa and after a thorough assessment, she came up with a program that exceeded my expectations!  Lisa is well- trained, positive, and very professional. She customizes her programs and makes gradual changes to your diet and exercise regime to maximize results. I have had no injuries while working with her and I saw results everywhere.  I lost weight and built muscle, toned up, and felt stronger.  I walked down the aisle with confidence and I’m looking forward to continuing to work with her.

Dynamix Fitness Client: Melissa S.

Locations: Vaughan

I gained 70lbs during my pregnancy and reached a weight that made me feel insecure and unattractive. I wasn’t happy at the gym. Then I hired Lisa and saw results quickly! I am almost back to my normal weight. I always get compliments now! Lisa has made my weight loss journey successful, rewarding, and comfortable. She has a program that is challenging and will make you sweat but I always felt proud of myself for being able to handle it! I highly recommend! Thanks Lisa!













Dynamix Fitness Client:  Nicoleta Chirita

Location:  Thornhill (Bathurst & Steeles)

” Thank you Lisa for working all my muscles, I am so much stronger now, and it doesnt hurt that you can see the muscles in my arms and abs and legs! On my recent trip I was able to pick up my suitcase and carry it up stairs and that’s a first! The workouts are fun and enjoyable. You feel like your working out with a professional and a supportive friend at the same time which really helps to push yourself in those last 10 seconds!! I also found the recipes to be easy and yummy and fit with my preferences. The pre workout eating tips helped a lot. These are lessons and tips for life! ”














Dynamix Fitness Client:  Alisse Lee Goldenberg

Location:  Toronto ( Bathurst & Lawrence)

“I have been training with Lisa Bergart since the new year, and I can say that I feel great! I am a mother of three-year old triplets, and I wanted to get in shape for my kids. I was tired of them exhausting me with their limitless energy, and wanted to be better for them. Lisa has helped me do just that!”














Dynamix Fitness Client:  Tina Los (mother) Skylar (toddler)

Location:  Richmondhill ( Bathurst & Major Mackenzie)
“I first started working with Lisa in 2013 when I decided I needed to get my health and weight under control. Lisa was excellent at not only giving me challenging workouts targeted specifically to my needs but provided me with a wealth of nutritional advise. As a result I was able to lose 40 pounds over a 5 month period at which time I successfully fell pregnant.

I continued to work with Lisa until I was 8 months pregnant. Throughout the whole pregnancy Lisa provided wonderful insight and experience in adapting her workouts to accommodate my advancing pregnancy. I was concerned that I would experience difficulties in my pregnancy due to my mature age. However, I am happy to say that I never developed any complications and felt amazing throughout. I am convinced that a major reason for my excellent health and wonderful pregnancy was due to the assistance and advice Lisa gave me.

Today, I now have a happy and healthy 9 month old baby girl. I continue to work with Lisa twice weekly on a post pregnancy workout focused on assisting me to gain my core strength back and to continue my weight loss journey.

I would highly recommend Lisa as a experienced and supportive personal trainer for anyone, but in particular for someone who is looking for appropriate, safe, and effective pre- and postnatal pregnancy workouts.”

Tina Los

Tina Los













Dynamix Fitness Client:  Sarah V.

Location:  Yonge and Hwy 401

Pregnancy Fitness Training

“I strongly recommend Lisa to anyone who wants someone professional to train them throughout their pregnancy. Lisa has been coming to my home 3 times per week since I was 3 months pregnant. Lisa has helped me build my strength and endurance. She always comes prepared with a program design that is creative and safe. ”
Sarah V.


Dynamix Fitness Client:  Ria M.

Location:  Vaughan

Teen Fitness Training

Lisa is a great instructor. She taught me so many new things that helped me reach my weight goal. She has taught me a healthier way of life through her instructing. I have learned so many new exercises and tips with my diet. She has pushed me at many times and I truly appreciate it, as I can see the results. She really helped me out.


Ria training













Dynamix 6 – PACK Outdoor Group Training


























Dynamix Fitness Client:  Michelle Khait

Location: Thornhill

Lisa was my personal trainer during the course of a year. I found her workouts to not only be challenging and different every session but also quite fun! Great experience with a wonderful trainer. Thanks Lisa!



Dynamix Fitness Client:  Andrea Holtzman

Location:  Aurora

Lisa Bergart has been my personal trainer for approximately 3 years.  I am amazed at how Lisa creates her fabulous fitness programs.  She always ensures that I am working at my full potential.  Each and every fitness program is varied and motivating. She continuously uses her nutritional expertise to coach me with my eating habits.  She has gone out of her way and created personalized meal plans for me that I can follow.

Lisa has had a direct impact on my healthy lifestyle changes.



Dynamix Fitness Client:  Susan Fields

Location: Yonge and Eglinton

I was first referred to Dynamix Fitness by my chiropractor to help alleviate chronic back pain.  Despite my initial skepticism, Lisa designed a speciaandlized exercise regime to stabilize and improve core strength.  The result has been better posture, greater strength and less injury.  I highly recommend her professional and individualized approach to improved fitness.

Susan Fields


Dynamix Fitness Client:  Polina Dagaeva

Location: Vaughan

First thank you so much for the motivation, you are truly an excellent trainer, perfect combination of tough, skilled, sensible and pleasure to work with.  The results I have achieved to date are largely due to your combination of diverse training, challenging exercises, and personalized training and far more than expected.  THANK YOU


Dynamix Fitness Client:  Elizabeth Abrams

Location: Thornhill

I want to thank Lisa for helping me get so into working out, that is drives me crazy if I ever have to miss a workout.  I had some big weight loss goals and in just over 4 months I have already been able to achieve half of my goal : 20lbs!  Lisa is encouraging and motivating. She helps you gradually increase the amount of weight you can lift and she discusses the best nutritionto accompany the exercise. I feel far stronger, way more energetic and I am sleeping better than I ever have before.  I look forward to continuing to work towards my weight loss goals with Lisa.