6 reasons why exercising with your loved one really works.

If you’re in a relationship and love exercise, you have probably heard the saying: couples that train together, stay together.

It’s a phrase many of our Dynamix Fitness couples swear by, and rightly so. Research published in the JAMA Internal Medicine shows people are more successful in taking up healthy habits if their partner makes positive changes, too.

The 2015 research followed 3722 couples and looked at how people committed to being active, losing weight or quitting smoking if their partner joined them. The results found people were far more successful in swapping bad habits for good ones if they were in it together.

Personal trainer Lisa Bergart, of Dynamix Fitness Toronto, says she’s seen many fitness success stories among couples. She lists these six benefits of training with a loved one.


There’s no doubt that you are more likely to keep turning up to training if your partner does too. Being accountable to someone other than your trainer often means you won’t make excuses.


Training with a loved one is a great way to build on your relationship and to meet other like-minded people. We see many couples getting together for a coffee or breakfast after training as well.


We know exercise makes us feel happy and more confident, and this definitely helps in a relationship.


Training with your partner can increase your motivation if you set goals together. When one person might be having a bad day, the other is there to help encourage them at training. Plus, it is so much easier to get out of bed in the morning when your partner rises at the same time!


If you’re following a healthy eating plan at home, it is always much easier if you’re in it together. We often see couples enjoy much greater success if they have similar nutrition goals because temptations are removed from the house altogether, and they support each other when cravings kick in.


A little friendly competition can be a good thing at training. When couples train together they often compete to reach their next training club milestone, time goals at fun runs and weight loss targets.